Wondering what to do after seeing those eye-catching clothes and accessories on our blog?

1.Send your order in using the order form at the end of the collection post now! 

Should order form not work,

Email to thisisgreektome@gmail.com with the following information:
<Full name as shown in passport>
<Contact Number>
<Mailing address>
<Preferred mailing mode>
<Mode of payment>
<Items’ product code, quatity/colour/size>

2. We will get back to you within 2 days.
(An order confirmation form will be sent to you if we have stock for your items. If not we will send you the option to be in our waiting list for the next batch of shipment if available.)

3. Make payment as in accordance to the amount stated in your order confirmation form and email us the reference number.

4. We will mail out your order within the next 2 working days after receiving your payment.

Take Note

GreekToMe aims to provide the best online shopping experience to its shoppers. However it is inevitable to have uncooperative consumers who may threaten to ruin the smooth shopping experience you guys deserve to enjoy. Hence GreekToMe would implement the following conditions on all of its shoppers. All shoppers, by default, agreed to abide by them.

1. All payments are to be made within 24 hours after receiving order confirmation form from us.

3. Payment mode:
- POSB/DBS internet banking or ATM transfer.
 -for ATM user, a snapshot if the receipt will be required for payment variation, any payment without receipt attach will not be acknowledge

- Cash or cash cheque are accepted and can be mailed to the following address. However, we are not responsible for the loss of any mails hence it is strongly discouraged. (Do give us an early notification if you choose this payment mode.)

Block 93 Bedok North Avenue 4
Singapore (460093)

5. GreekToMe retains all rights to make any amends and exceptions to the above-mentioned procedures without prior notice to its buyers